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Monday, September 26, 2005

Better Late than Never: Week Three

Kristen: I got a phone call from my brother immediately after Rodney went down:


Then my mom called, "I hate Pittsburgh. I really fucking hate that place."

This is what football does to people. It makes my confident, strong brother scream like a little girl and it makes my polite, feminine mother swear like a construction foreman.

We also decided that Heinz Field is an evil, evil place and it would do well to be demolished. Heinz Field is the site of Brady's twisted ankle in the AFC Championship game in 2001 and Ty Law's broken foot on Halloween of last year. And now whatever is wrong with Rodney and Matt Light also happened at Heinz. I hate that place. I really, really hate that place.

That said, I love Adam Vinatieri.

Hooray for last second field goals and identical scores, eh, Mer?

And because I am a good person and I know that I would reach through the phone and rip their throats out if they did it to me, I refrained from calling my Steelers fan friends and taunting them. I am, however, glad that I elected not to watch the game with them since I'm sure their mothers are lovely people and I wouldn't have wanted to say uncharitable things about them during a bad drive. That said, I let out a giant sigh of relief after that game. I was worried, I really was. Phew. Now bring on the Chargers.

Mer, please back me up on this one. David Akers does not, in any way, resemble Tim Wakefield.

Sam: Dude, I saw what David Akers did today. That was some crazy business. If it had been a bigger, late-season game, they'd be comparing that to the Bloody Sock.

The Giants are currently losing. GOOD. Any Manning loss is a good loss so far as I'm concerned.

I'm pissed that Kurt Warner went down for the Cards and John Navarre still didn't get any playing time. Pooey upon you, McClown.

I still don't want to think about college football for, like, at leastanother week, but I did notice at the time (before the EXTREME WOE setin) that Wisconsin's center, Donovan Raiola, is the little brother ofthe Detroit Lions' center, Dominic Raiola. Cute. Would have been cuter if that information had been noticed in the midst of a Wolverines victory.

Beth: Matt Light AND Rodney Harrison?

Dudes, it's not the league that doesn't want the Pats to threepeat. It's God Himself.

Kristen: I repeat: FUCK Pittsburgh.

Also, that will be a regular season loss for Ben Roaerneanrgtiaenrgaergeargburger. It will also be an end to the Steelers streak. Pittsburgh loses at life.

SportsDesk has me all hyped up again.

As Brady ran into the Patriot locker room, he could be heard shouting,
''They hate us. They hate us here. But we love it."

This amuses me to no end because I can so picture him screaming that in his high-pitched, white boy-as-badass voice.

And then somewhere, Rodney comes out of the locker room on crutches, but wearing a lime green pimp suit and says, "You dammmmn right."

Beth: Where'd you get that quote, Kristen?

Kristen: Globe. CHB article. But I thought it was funny.

Beth: It is funny. And now I am relieved of my curiosity to read the rest of the piece.

Kristen: That was pretty much the only good part. It was a standard "Tom Brady is God" piece.

Beth: Well, those I have no problem with.

Kristen: Does it make me a bad person that I enjoy this photo immensely?

Image hosted by

Beth: That's a negative.

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