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Monday, November 21, 2005

Back in Black (and Blue, and, uh, Eagles Green)

Sam: I know I've been a bit slack, for which I apologize... this semester is DESTROYING MY SOUL and I haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep in a night since... um. Early September, I think. I haven't had more than 3 hours per night in at least a week and a half. Yay art school.

But I am determined that we should talk football!

Mer, are you, um, alright? You've got Mike McMahon now! He's, uh. Well. He can throw real hard. Yeah. Hard. Mike McMahon. Former Lion.

I'm not sure about where they're being broadcast, but I would vigorously encourage ALL OF YOU to watch the Michigan/Ohio State game at 1pm on Saturday and the Lions/Falcons Thanksgiving Day game on, uh, Thanksgiving. And this way, you'll know ahead of time if I'm going to be suicidal or not. [boy, that worked out well, huh?]

As for the Turkey Day game, well, it's tradition, and there's always the slight slight chance that we'll win, and how often do you kids get to see the Lions play anyways? Not very often, I reckon. You should take advantage of the opportunity to view this majestic squad while you are able. I've no idea if/where that's being broadcast, as I haven't watched it on TV since before I was old enough to know what was going on.

Kristen: Well, Sam, according to my handy TV guide thingie, the Falcons/Atlanta game is on Fox on Thanksgiving and I'll be able to see it. So I will. So there you go. The OSU/Michigan game is on ABC on Saturday which I also get but Saturday night is my big, ginormous birthday party so I'm not sure how around and in front of a television I'll be. I will, however, be rooting for Michigan in spirit because of you. And, you know, Tom Brady.

Do you think Brady and Vrabel give each other shit constantly about the whole Michigan/OSU thing?

Also, Mer, have you completely given up on the Eagles and give the Flyers all your love? 'Cause I probably wouldn't blame you. Goddamn.

Samara? I don't understand the addition the your sig there. "Miami Dolphins-- 2005 Defending Team That Actually Beat the Pats Last Season." What the hell are you talking about? Beth will concur. We never lost to the Dolphins last year. The game was called on account of blindness when people looked directly into the jerseys of the Dolphins players. Don't you remember?

Beth: Yeah, that whole thing is weird. Why does everyone keep talking about this game that never happened?

Meanwhile, I'm not sure what we can hope for out of any of our teams this year. I have a terrible feeling this may be the year the Indianapolis Martyr's Brigade actually hits the big time. Which, gag me.

Sam: Kristen, that sig line's been there for a while now... my mom appreciates it. Every Sunday I get a call from home as soon as the Lions game ends so that my dad can talk about it, and usually my mother gets on the phone after him to gripe about the Dolphins. Heh.

Beth, I don't know what you're talking about. DETROIT LIONS GON' WIN DA NFC NORTH, HOS! GON' BEAT DOWN DA BEARS! OR SOMETHING!

Mer: football? huh? wha? Don't know what you're talking about.

Honestly, though, football has provided nothing but misery lately. Living in Dallas, and working at a goddamn sports station, at a time when the Cowboys are better than the Eagles is one of the worst experiences ever. It had better be short lived or my health and sanity are in danger.

Go Flyers!

Sam: Well, look to this SUNDAY then, when the Cowboys take on the RED HOT DETROIT LIONS. Root Honolulu Blue and Silver, my friends. Root it hard.

Kristen: Sam, you really should be doing promo ads for ESPN or something. [I assume this was a sage commentary on my CAPITILAZATIONIZED OPTIMISM]

Beth: i'm going to the pats game sunday. [you can read her recap of the outing here] playing NO so hopefully it'll be a W. gotta keep up my win percentage at Gillette (which I believe is almost perfect).

where are the pats going this year? thoughts? is indy going to stay undefeated? if they do, what form of hari-kiri shall we perform?

Kristen: The only time I will ever, ever, ever in my life root for Pittsburgh is when they play Indy. Because I hate the Colts with the white hot passion of a thousand exploding suns.

Plus, their schedule is a joke.

Beth: i knew their early schedule was crap, but does it continue to be a cakewalk? can anyone besides pittsburgh beat them? and what do you think the future is for the pats? what about the eagles, also? will they pull together now that TO's gone? or will they miss his performance too much?

Interesting article here about the Pittsburgh defense.

oh, and here's my dire patriots prediction:

if tom brady keeps getting hit like he has been this season, he'll be hurt before it's over. in fact, his probable rating leads me to believe he's ALREADY hurt but playing through it. but he could conceivably have to sit out if he keeps getting effin pancaked like that chewing-gum-and-bailing-wire O-line has been allowing.

Sam: I haven't been following the Pats as closely so far this year... Lions and Wolverines have been more than enough to frazzle my brain, football-wise. So I don't know... how bad is the O-line? That's a HUGE part of why the Colts are where they are right now, their O-line kicks ass. And it's a HUGE part of the Lions' issues... it doesn't matter who they have at QB so long as the O-line continues to suck wind. The games they do well in are the games where the O-lines sucks it up and the QB (Joey OR Garcia, it matters not) has time to look around and throw before he's hurled to the turf.

I realize that's not exactly revolutionary or anything, the importance of your offensive line, but I'm just sayin'.

Beth: yeah, i mean, a lot of it is due to injuries, esp. matt light, protecting brady's blind side, but tom brady has been taking some SHOTS this season. i mean, punishing, punishing hits, and repeatedly. i know he's a tough guy, esp. for a qb, but it keeps happening and happening. now, watching games i'm sort of on pins and needles waiting for that hit to come, and when it does, i'm gnawing my fingernails waiting for him to get up. it's happening more often than i can remember since he's been the starter, and yeah, it makes me really worried.

Sam: You should see what Joey puts up with. I'm really shocked, when I actually stop to think about it, that he's not hurt, or that he's not hurt enough to keep him from playing, anyways. It's not just that he gets flattened-- he gets flattened EVERY DAMN WEEK, repeatedly throughout the game.

So I'm sayin', yeah, Tommy might be getting knocked around, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to herniate on us. Sorry Mer. But if Joey Harrington, who at least half the league dismisses as 'too soft', can take it...

Beth: why is he listed as "probable" then?

Kristen: He's listed as probable every week. I think he's been listed as probable every week since last season. I started to freak out about that too until I realized that they always do that.

Sorry I've been non-responsive today. Our internet at work is spotty and I'm slowly going insane.

Beth: sok. i am clearly a dumbass. he has been getting hit a lot, tho. and he's pretty much magic, but not superhuman. i worry. i worry about that tommy, i do.

i was watching three games to glory iii last night and came across something i'd missed--before the game vs. the colts when everyone was picking the colts, there's this shot of brady coming out through the tunnel for his warm ups and as he comes out and the whole crowd goes nuts he raises his arms up and basks in the cheer like a gladiator and omg so fucking awesome and hot and i think my loins just exploded even thinking about it.

Mer: now that the eagles suck ass and get off on making girls cry, I'm only good for the occassional football talk. here it is for today:

Dhani Jones! Reviewing movies! And being hot!

Sam: "Ladies, get your camera phones ready."


There are a few guys in sports that I can't get over... like, every time I think I've become accustomed to how awesome they are, they made me giddy with awesomeity all over again. Dudes like Brad Ausmus or Brandon Inge... and Dhani Jones, natch.

Beth: my guys like that are tedy [bruschi], tommy [brady], and curt. and probably tito [francona]. i know what you mean.

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